QED Performance Koaxial-Digital-Kabel 3 m

QED QEDPDA/3 - Dvd-player oder digital-tv auf ihrem Av-Verstärker/Av-Receiver für Hochleistungs-Digital-SOUND. Großartig für Home-Entertainment-Systeme. Innenleiter aus 99, 999% OFC. Hochwertiges koax-kabel, unterstützt diese zu dolby digital und Dts-Signale auf DVD und Av-Verstärker, oder auf ein digitales signal zwischen CD- player und ein Mini-Cd-Blockflöte.

Screening-material, aluminium-Mylar - 99, 999% OFC Geflecht.

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QED optisches Toslink-Audiokabel 1,5 m, Graphit

GadgetCenter - The ultra high quality cable promotes better detail and a punchy sound. Made to lasta tough pvc outer jacket is matched by high quality tosh link connectors that, like all QED cables, have been designed to stand the test of time. If you're currently using an optical cable then check out a QED Performance Graphite Optical and hear the difference for yourself!

For example, if you're connecting a digital hi-fi source to a separate DAC or a Sky + HD 5. 1 audio output to a home cinema receiver, then an optical cable is often a crucial component. It's not just what it is, it's how it does it!the qed performance graphite Optical is very different from your average optical lead and has the performance to show for it.

QED optisches Toslink-Audiokabel 1,5 m, Graphit - Using carefully selected, medical grade fibre optic cable, the Performance truly lives up to its name. If you're looking for a well-built optical cable that may offer you more than some rivals, give this QED a try. What hi-fi sound & Vision magazine. Why would i need an optical cable?an optical cable is still a crucial cable in many stereo and home cinema systems.

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